Mackenzie Wieser

Mackenzie Wieser, Strategic Planner/Intergovernmental AnalystMackenzie Wieser is responsible for strategic planning, communications and social media for the Strategic Growth Council. Prior to her appointment with SGC, Mackenzie worked in the Director's Office at the California Department of Motor Vehicles, focused on Enterprise Planning. Responsible for facilitating annual strategic meetings for DMV's 10 divisions, then writing divisional strategic plans that linked to the overall department's strategic plan. Mackenzie presented quarterly performance to the Director and executive management team. Throughout her career in the private sector, Mackenzie gained extensive experience in client services, organizational management and strategic planning. Mackenzie holds a Master in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor in Business Finance from the University of Nevada Reno. Mackenzie is committed to encouraging California state agencies to collaborate in order to achieve the goals of creating a sustainable and healthy state for all.