About the Strategic Growth Council

Our Vision

We advance California’s collaborative efforts to shape how and where we grow, working to achieve equitable and resilient communities and landscapes for all Californians

Our Mission

The Strategic Growth Council (SGC) coordinates the activities of State agencies and partners with stakeholders to promote sustainability, economic prosperity, and quality of life for all Californians

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The Council

Meet the ten distinguished members that make up our Council

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Our Staff

Meet our talented staff

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Our Objectives

In September 2008, SB 732 was signed into law, establishing the Strategic Growth Council. The Council is a cabinet level committee that is tasked with coordinating the activities of state agencies to:

  • Improve air and water quality
  • Protect natural resources and agriculture lands
  • Increase the availability of affordable housing
  • Promote public health and equity
  • Improve transportation
  • Encourage greater infill and compact development
  • Strengthen the economy
  • Promote water conservation
  • Revitalize community and urban centers
  • Assist state and local entities in the planning of sustainable communities and meeting AB 32 goals
  • Advance the priorities developed in Safeguarding California, the State’s climate adaptation strategy