AHSC Program Guidelines

About Guideline Development

The Strategic Growth Council staff engages in an annual robust process of soliciting feedback from stakeholders to improve the AHSC program. Guidelines reflect this feedback, and include ambitious visions for the future.

The SGC shall, in coordination with its member agencies and departments, develop program guidelines and selection criteria for implementation of the AHSC program.

  • Draft guidelines shall be published on the SGC website (www.sgc.ca.gov) at least 30 days prior to public meetings where comments are to be accepted on the Draft Guidelines.
  • The guideline development process will involve outreach to the public and stakeholders for eligible projects, including but not limited to local governments, regional agencies, civic and other organizations. This shall include coordination with metropolitan planning organizations and other regional agencies to identify and recommend projects within their respective jurisdictions reflecting the goals and objectives of the AHSC Program.
  • The SGC shall conduct public workshops for development of the guidelines, including at least one in northern California and at least one in southern California, and other areas of the State as appropriate for involving disadvantaged and other target populations.

AHSC 2017 Guidelines

The Strategic Growth Council is accepting public comments on the draft fiscal year (FY) 2016-17 Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program Guidelines until April 14, 2017 via email at ahsc@sgc.ca.gov. AHSC Staff will also be holding workshops on this draft in early April. Please stay tuned for workshop schedule and details. This draft is subject to change pending stakeholder comments. The final AHSC 2016-17 Program Guidelines and accompanying GHG quantification methodology are expected to be considered for adoption at the June 1st 2017 Strategic Growth Council meeting. Major policy changes in the document are noted in red.

AHSC 16-17 Guidelines Draft Revisions Memo
AHSC 16-17 Guidelines Draft Summary of Changes
AHSC 16-17 Program Guidelines Public Draft

The Air Resources Board is also accepting comments on the AHSC GHG Quantification Methodology for FY 16-17. Information can be found on the ARB website below:

AHSC 16-17 GHG Quantification Methodology

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