Infill Development

Land Use Vision and Proposed VMT Reduction Measures for the AB 32 Scoping Plan

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The AB 32 Scoping Plan is the State's official GHG reduction plan. It outlines the State’s comprehensive strategies to achieve our ambitious GHG reduction goal of 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.  The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is in the process of updating the Plan. The Strategic Growth Council has been collaborating with ARB and numerous other State agencies to help develop potential strategies for consideration in the Scoping Plan that advance the role of sustainable and equitable land use, development, and transportation strategies that reduce vehicle miles of travel (VMT).
Why is this important?
The Scoping Plan is an important roadmap for the strategies the State will take to continue working towards achieving our GHG reduction goals. The vision, goals and recommendations established in the Scoping Plan will shape priorities for the next several years of State-level climate mitigation activities. VMT-reducing land use, development, and transportation strategies are critical not only for GHG reduction, but also for building more equitable, healthy, resilient, and livable communities.

Fiscal Impact Analysis

Report: Infill Finance Barriers

Description: In 2013, SGC commissioned a report to identify the challenges of financing infill development projects. This report focused on applying and analyzing existing financial tools to address typical funding gaps using case studies from actual development projects in several diverse California communities: the Bay Area (Concord), Sacramento, Fresno, and Los Angeles County (South Gate). The final report provides recommendations for local and State agencies to better coordinate and align existing financing mechanisms and programs, as well as broad policy recommendations to support increased revitalization efforts.