AnnouncementRevised Draft Scoping Guidelines for the Transformative Climate Communities Program


The Strategic Growth Council(SGC) is proud to present our Revised Draft Scoping Guidelines for the Transformative Climate Communities Program. This document is a revised version of the Draft Scoping Guidelines that were released by the SGC in November 2016. This new draft scoping document does not represent the full Draft Guidelines for the Program.

Revisions were made to provide greater clarity on the SGC’s vision for the Program and to reflect public comments received on the initial document. This February 2017 release presents a revised framework that includes updated objectives, redefined goals, strategies, and requirements applicants must meet. Key terms have been defined and updates have been made to the proposed application process. SGC recognizes that many areas presented in the document require additional work and discussion, and we look forward to public input to help inform further development.

SGC is hosting public workshops on this document in the cities of Fresno, Los Angeles and San Bernardino and will also accept additional public comments until March 13, 2017.