Announcement2016-2017 Final Draft AHSC Program Guidelines


AHSC program staff across the Strategic Growth Council (SGC), Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), and Air Resources Board (ARB) thank all those who provided feedback and recommendations to inform the upcoming 2016-17 round of the AHSC Program.

The 2016-2017 Final Draft AHSC Program Guidelines incorporate feedback obtained through public comments and workshops held in April 2017 on the initial draft guidelines, which were released on March 8th 2017. These Final Draft 2016-2017 AHSC Program Guidelines will be considered for adoption at the July 17th 2017 Strategic Growth Council meeting.

The release of a 2016-2017 AHSC NOFA and application are expected to occur on October 2nd 2017. We thank you for your participation in shaping the 16-17 AHSC Program Guidelines, and look forward to your continued engagement through the upcoming funding cycle.