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Round 2 Solicitation

The solicitation announcing $17.1 million available through the second round of the Climate Change Research Program was released on October 9, 2018

2018-2019 solicitation

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Research Investment Plan

The Research Investment Plan outlines the goals, research priorities, and structure of the Program, as well as details on the review and awards process

research investment plan

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Round 2 Awardees

Four Innovation Center Research Grants were awarded on December 20, 2018, advancing the California Climate Change Technology and Solutions Initiative

round 2 awardees

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Round 1 Solicitation

The Program’s first round of competitive grant funding allocated $10.5 million for research that facilitates the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, in areas including clean energy, adaptation, and resiliency

2017-2018 solicitation

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Round 1 Awardees

A total of seven Project Grants and three Partnership Grants were awarded for Round 1 of the Climate Change Research Program

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