Transformative Climate Communities

How does the TCC program support community-led transformation?

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Transforming Disadvantaged Communities

As California seeks to achieve its climate goals, it is critical that those most impacted by pollution share the benefits of this transformation

The TCC Program funds development and infrastructure projects that achieve major environmental, health, and economic benefits in California’s most disadvantaged communities

Community-led Change

Funded by California’s Cap-and-Trade Program, TCC empowers the communities most impacted by pollution to choose their own goals, strategies, and projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution – all with data-driven milestones and measurable outcomes

250 stakeholders participated in Statewide Summit to provide feedback and inform the design of the TCC Program

True to its mission, the TCC Program was developed through a transparent and stakeholder-involved process, including a Statewide Summit and numerous workshops held throughout California