Announcement Council Approves Climate Change Research Round 3 Focus Areas


At the August 27 Strategic Growth Council public meeting, the Council approved research focus areas for Round 3 investment of the Climate Change Research Program. The Council’s decision means the $4.75 million available in Round 3 will support three of the five Research Priority Areas identified in the Research Program’s Research Investment Plan, specifically, research that:

  • Supports and protects vulnerable communities from the impacts of climate change,
  • Accelerates and supports transitions to climate smart communities, and/or
  • Integrates land use, conservation, and management into California climate change programs.

The Council also approved adding two optional cross-cutting thematic lenses to encourage research proposals that:

  • Integrate climate vulnerability and adaptation needs with climate mitigation efforts, and/or
  • Address and/or integrate social dimensions of change.

In addition, the Council approved a new threshold around meaningful engagement, which requires proposed projects to include at least one funded non-academic partner it the budget, iterative engagement, and an outreach and communications strategy.

For additional information, please refer to this document outlining the research focus areas.

Importantly, the Council’s goal for this research funding is to address critical policy needs while not duplicating other agencies’ research efforts, maximize benefits and invest in areas with high potential for near-term impact, and to be responsive to feedback received from both the research community and other stakeholders and community representatives in California. To that end, The Round 3 research focus areas and updated threshold requirement reflect feedback SGC staff have received through stakeholder engagement.  

SGC will release the Climate Change Research Program Round 3 Notice of Funding Availability in November.