Announcement California Strategic Growth Council Passes Racial Equity Resolution


At its public meeting on August 26, 2020, members of the multi-agency California Strategic Growth Council (“SGC,” or “the Council”) voted unanimously to adopt a landmark resolution committing their agencies and organizations to taking action to promote racial equity in a variety of important ways, both in the context of the Council and within their own agencies and organizations. Racial equity is central to SGC’s mission and approach, and the Council’s adoption of the this week follows its adoption in 2019 of SGC’s Racial Equity Action Plan.

By adopting the Racial Equity Resolution, the Council deepens and expands its racial equity work by committing to use public Council meetings as a forum to share racial equity actions, milestones, and best practices, and to actively engage communities and stakeholders to gather public input on the topics. In addition, through the Resolution, the Council and each member agency commit to:

  • Integrating racial equity into Council leadership, operations, programs, policies, and practices;
  • Identifying and implementing concrete and measurable actions to achieve racial equity, and to reporting on the progress of the Council as a whole, as well as that of each member agency; and
  • Working with State Boards, Departments, and Offices to align and advance the Council’s commitment to racial equity.

The SGC Racial Equity Resolution is the first of its kind by a multi-agency state entity. Read the full resolution here.