Announcement Request Technical Assistance for AHSC Round 6


The California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) is pleased to launch the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Technical Assistance (TA) Program to support prospective applicants to AHSC’s sixth funding round. The AHSC TA program provides statewide, no-cost direct application assistance and capacity building services to support prospective applicants to the AHSC Program.

AHSC and its TA providers seek TA Program participants from across California with shovel-ready project proposals. The Survey to Request AHSC Technical Assistance serves two purposes: first, as the survey to request participation in the TA Program; second, as tool to help SGC gauge interest by prospective Round 6 applicants, their capacity, and the potential eligibility and viability of their project proposals.

The TA Program supports applicants who may require additional help and guidance during the AHSC process, including, but not limited to first-time applicants or applicants based in disadvantaged, low-income, and Tribal communities. The TA Program aims to increase the capacity of participants to develop their AHSC applications and forge intergovernmental relationships, resulting in projects ready to apply for AHSC funding.

SGC will keep the questionnaire open until at least December 15, 2020 and will review submissions as they arrive. The TA providers will begin serving selected TA recipients as early as late October 2020.

SGC encourages interested applicants to review existing TA resources:

For additional information please contact SGC by email at To request a version of the Draft Guidelines with changes tracked, send an email request to