Announcement SGC Seeks Input on Tribal Technical Assistance Guidelines


The California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) has released the draft Tribal Appendix to the Technical Assistance (TA) Guidelines for State Agencies (Tribal Appendix). SGC encourages feedback on the document from Tribal governments, associated organizations, and members of the public who work with Tribes. Please email comments to by Monday, November 16, 2020.

The Tribal Appendix provides tools, tips, and best practices to State agencies seeking to design and implement effective TA and capacity building programs to serve California Native American Tribes. SGC designed the TA Guidelines to help State agencies to both deliver effective TA and develop internal policies, standards, or practices to guide their provision of TA, as directed by Senate Bill 1072 (Leyva, 2018). The draft Tribal Appendix recognizes Tribes’ unique relationship with the State and the specific considerations agencies developing Tribal TA programs should make in light of this relationship.

In order to develop the document, SGC worked in partnership with Tribal liaisons from multiple State agencies. While State agencies serve as the main audience for the draft Tribal Appendix, Tribal governments and stakeholders seeking to provide Tribal TA will likely find the manual useful as well.

SGC encourages anyone with experience or interest in Tribal TA or capacity building programs to comment on the draft Tribal Appendix to the TA Guidelines. SGC expects to release the final document in December 2020.