Press Release California Awards $98 Million for 11 Community-Led Climate Resilience Projects Across the State


These projects will reduce GHG emissions by a combined 36,647 metric tons, equivalent to taking 8,155 gas-powered passenger vehicles off the road for a year. To date, $424 million has been invested in 37 California communities through the Transformative Climate Communities Program.

Sacramento, CA — Eleven disadvantaged, unincorporated, and tribal communities across the state are receiving grants through $98.1 million in funding recently approved by the California Strategic Growth Council to plan and implement projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve public health and the environment, and expand economic opportunity for residents.

Since 2016, the Council, has invested $424 million in 37 communities through the Transformative Climate Communities Program (TCC), which empowers communities most impacted by pollution to pursue their own goals and strategies to tackle local air pollution and emissions.

Combined, projects from this funding round will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 36,647 metric tons, equivalent to taking 8,155 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles off the road for one year

“The Transformative Climate Communities program is a key part of California’s leadership to confront longstanding inequities while building resilience in the communities impacted most by climate change,” said Lynn von Koch-Liebert, Executive Director of the Strategic Growth Council, a state body comprised of seven state agencies and three public members. “We’re thrilled to be investing in this year’s 11 community-driven projects, which will transform places that have suffered from pollution, underinvestment, and environment impacts for current and future generations of Californians."

The current round of TCC grant funding will support three Planning Grants, four Project Development Grants, and four Implementation Grants. Planning grants provide support to communities to successfully apply to future funding rounds though TCC or other funding sources, while Project Development Grants help fund pre-development costs, and Implementation Grants fund affordable housing, transit access and mobility, solar, energy efficiency, building electrification, green infrastructure, air quality, workforce training, anti-displacement programs, and more.

“The impact of this grant on Coachella’s growth and future is significant. We are a resourceful community, and we look forward to continuing our mission to create much healthier, equitable and productive options for our residents,” stated Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez. “These funds will enable our City and community partners to start implementing key strategies that will notably enhance the quality of life in our community.”

“It is a true honor to be recommended for a Transformative Climate Communities Round 5 Award! Over the past five years, our project has transformed into Pomona ACTS—a collaborative effort brimming with passion and involving fourteen local partners working on nine impactful community projects. These initiatives are poised to address the challenges of climate change while capitalizing on opportunities to enhance public health, shared prosperity, and community identity across the project area. The Energy Coalition is proud to be part of this transformative endeavor.” -Laurel Rothschild, Vice President, The Energy Coalition

Implementation Grants

  • $22,125,000 Award to The Energy Coalition – Pomona ACTS
  • $22,125,000 Award to the City of Coachella – Coachella Prospera
  • $22,125,000 Award to the San Diego Foundation – Rooted in Comunidad, Cultivating Equity
  • $22,125,000 Award to the City of Bakersfield – Southeast Strong

Implementation grant project descriptions

Project Development Grants

  • $4,018,788.45 Award to Riverside County – Mecca and North Shore Climate Resiliency Plan
  • $1,084,660 Award to Santa Barbara County – Resilient Cuyama Valley
  • $1,055,500 Award to Mariposa County – Rural Transit Oriented Development (RTOD) Phase I
  • $2,548,010 Award to Mendocino County Resource Conservation District – Transformative Activities for Tribal Communities in Russian River Watershed and Surrounding Areas

Project development grant project descriptions

Planning Grants

  • $300,000 Award to Urban Collaborative Project Community Development Corporation – Community Planning Collaborative for a Green Southeast San Diego
  • $299,910 Award to Tranquillity Resource Conservation District – Transformative Communities Plan Development for Climate Readiness of an Agriculture-Based Economy of Historically Underserved Farmers, and the Workforce of the Future
  • $300,000 Award to GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles – PACT for Paramount

Planning grant project descriptions

As part of the December Council Meeting’s vote, the Strategic Growth Council also approved reserving surplus funds to provide gap funding for Project Development and Implementation Grant awardees during the post-award process prior to grant execution.

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About the California Strategic Growth Council

The California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) is a 10-member council comprised of seven state agencies and three public members with the mission to build healthy, thriving, and resilient communities for all. Funded through California’s Cap and Trade system and the California General Fund, SGC’s grant programs, strategic initiatives, and interagency coordination focus on multi-benefit and community-centric solutions at the nexus of climate and equity. Since 2008, SGC has invested over $4 billion in projects strengthening communities and addressing climate change.