Announcement Community Resilience Centers Program Opens Request for Information (RFI)


The Strategic Growth Council (SGC) has released a Request for Information (RFI) seeking public input on the Community Resilience Centers Program’s Implementation Grants (CRC). These grants will fund new construction and upgrades of facilities to serve as community resilience centers, campus amenities that support the use of the facility, and services and programs that build overall community resilience. The Implementation Grants will be reviewed by a third-party independent program evaluator who will develop a statewide program evaluation framework and work with grantees to identify indicators for tracking and monitoring the impact of the projects.

This RFI seeks to gather public input for evaluating CRC program outcomes, ways to enhance CRC program impacts, and recommendations on overall CRC program improvements.

Download the full RFI

Due Dates and Submission

Responses to this RFI solicitation must be submitted to, with the mailbox CC’ed. Please include in the subject line, “SGC23158 CRC Implementation Grant RFI”.

Please submit responses by June 28, 2024, to be considered.

The SGC will also host one listening session on June 11, 2024, 2-4 p.m. where participants will be able to provide verbal feedback to this RFI. You may register for the listening session online.


The CRC program will fund planning, development, construction, and upgrades of neighborhood-level community resilience centers to provide shelter and resources during climate and other emergencies, such as extreme heat events and poor air quality days. The program will also fund ongoing year-round community services and programs, such as food distribution and workforce development training, that build overall community resilience. The SGC will prioritize community-serving locations across the state, such as schools, libraries, community centers, health clinics, and places of worship. Implementation Grant awards will each range from $1-10 million. The program is currently in its first round of funding, with Round 1 Implementation Grants awarded in April 2024.

For further information

Visit the Community Resilience Center page for more information.