Technical Assistance Guidelines for State Agencies A Guide to Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Best Practices

The State of California recognizes the effect of underinvestment and systemic discrimination on California communities. The State’s social, economic, and environmental priorities address these inequities to ensure a better quality of life for all Californians. However, many under-resourced communities lack the staff capacity, partnerships, or resources to address these priorities without assistance securing funding and implementing projects and policies. Recognizing the importance of technical assistance (TA) in meeting the State’s climate and equity goals, the State enacted Senate Bill 1072 (2018, Leyva), directing the SGC to develop “Technical Assistance Guidelines for State Agencies.”

This guidance offers best practices to help State agencies evaluate options, make key decisions, and avoid pitfalls as they develop effective TA programs. While State agencies are the primary audience for the TA Guidelines, other stakeholders seeking to provide or receive TA will likely find the manual useful as well. Download the toolkit as a pdf.

Core Principles

Getting Started

How to design effective technical assistance

Implementing Technical Assistance

How to carry out successful technical assistance