RCC Grantee Profile: Siskiyou Climate Collaborative


Award Amount: $1,500,000 

Region: Siskiyou County


  • Siskiyou Economic Development Council
  • Shasta Valley Resource Conservation District
  • UC Cooperative Extension, Siskiyou
  • Siskiyou County SMART Workforce Center
  • Nathan Johnston (Facilitator)
  • Siskiyou Outdoor Recreation Alliance
  • Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resources

Collaborative Vision

The Siskiyou Climate Collaborative (SCC) unites partners from natural resources, agriculture, outdoor recreation and workforce expertise. Collaborative stakeholders are committed to inclusive and equitable planning to seek solutions for Siskiyou County’s diverse working landscape.

Project Plans

SCC aims to create an equity centered community process with the goal of developing an actionable Climate Resiliency Plan (CRP) which will bring crucial climate resilience funds to our rural communities. The collaborative will prioritize community driven input to design sustainable climate adaptation and capacity building strategies that can work at the local level, support climate resiliency plans, and advance climate mitigation projects within Siskiyou County. The collaborative will focus on building the resiliency of Siskiyou’s working landscape, as the region faces wildfires, drought, and other extreme climate events. This investment will help a broad network pursue planning and funding opportunities that will protect, restore, and better prepare communities for the wildfires, droughts, and extreme climate events that bring devastation to the Region with greater intensity each year.

“This investment is extremely important to us. Our communities and our local economies are highly dependent on our working landscapes. In Siskiyou, we have been suffering in the last ten years from increasing wildfires, droughts, and floods. This climate crisis has rocked the very foundation of our communities and our local economies, and we are forced to adapt and evolve.”
Tonya Dowse, Executive Director, Siskiyou Economic Development Council

Contact Information

Alia Roca Lezra, Program Manager, Siskiyou County