Community Assistance for Climate Equity Program

How does the CACE Program support under resourced communities?

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Assisting Disadvantaged Communities

Disadvantaged and low-income communities face capacity and resource barriers to applying for California Climate Investment (CCI) funds

What services are provided via technical assistance? Project Scope Development, Partnership Development, Grant Writing ,Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis, Application Coordination, Data Analysis, Mapping

The CCI Technical Assistance Program meets potential applicants where they are, and provides the support and additional expertise they need to foster successful climate projects

Capacity Building

The CCI Technical Assistance Program builds the capacity of disadvantaged and low-income communities to design potential CCI projects, build key partnerships, and find the appropriate funding sources to meet their needs

For which programs does the program provide assistance? CalSTA, CSD, CDFA, SGC, CARB.

Each CCI program has its own set of goals and intended outcomes. To address this, SGC has divided available resources amongst agencies with programs that have funding cycles in Fiscal Year 2017-2018