SGC Catalyst Model Centering Communities in Place-Based Investment

A tested and replicable model for public investment that ensures effective and equitable deployment of funds by empowering and sharing power with frontline communities overburdened by pollution, the impacts of climate change, and disinvestment to accelerate place-based community-driven transformation​.


The complexity of social and environmental problems facing communities makes it difficult for any single organization, including government, to respond efficiently and effectively. Further, the intersectionality of social and environmental issues demands an integrated approach to community development that often starts with the individuals and organizations that know a community best.

This model empowers the communities most impacted by pollution to choose their own goals, strategies, and projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution. Funding communities to self-determine resource allocation through robust and equitable governance processes ensures context-sensitive solutions that may otherwise be missed through a one-size-fits-all funding approach.

The model’s emphasis on community-driven place-based transformation brings a holistic view to achieving climate goals while uplifting environmentally and economically burdened communities.

By supporting and sustaining community visions, this model creates healthier and more sustainable communities where residents can access economic opportunity, healthy lives, and green spaces to thrive.


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Watts Rising engaged with 17 project partners to leverage over $160 million to fund community-identified infrastructure projects.

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In Fresno, CA, a community steering committee comprised of over 160 residents and local business owners designed a multi-benefit package focused on affordable housing, energy efficiency and rooftop solar, community gardens, and electric vehicle- and bicycle sharing.

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