TCC Round 4 Program Guidelines

The California Strategic Growth Council approved the Round 4 Program Guidelines and TCC Mapping Tool on February 24, 2022. Please reach out to with any questions.

The Guidelines

On April 28, 2022, the Strategic Growth Council approved a Technical Amendment to the Round 4 TCC Guidelines, originally adopted February 24, 2022. This amendment allows previously awarded to TCC Lead Implementation Grantees to apply as a Lead Applicant in Round 4, clarifies that previously awarded Lead Grantees with partial awards are eligible to apply for Round 4 funding, clarifies Project Area eligibility for unincorporated communities, clarifies that tribal applicants to do not need to sign a limited waiver of sovereign immunity to receive a reimbursement-based grant, and makes additional minor clarifications. Please see the Staff Report to review the changes in detail.

Mapping Tool

Quantification Methodology

Public Workshops