TCC Program Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance (TA) is a core function of the TCC Program. TA is provided throughout application, implementation, and evaluation. See below for more information, or email if you have any questions related to TCC TA.

Pre-Application Technical Assistance

SGC has expanded its TCC technical assistance offerings to support applicants in advance of the next funding cycle.

In preparation for Round 5, technical assistance will be provided to potential applicants through workshops, tailored resources, and other guidance from October 2022 to February 2023, with the aim to help applicants prepare competitive Round 5 Planning or Implementation Grant Applications in early 2023.

Intake Survey

To take advantage of the application technical assistance opportunity, please fill out this brief intake survey to be connected to the relevant assistance. Details will also be added to this page in the coming weeks.

TA intake survey

Upcoming Workshops

SGC and the Technical Assistance providers will host additional Pre-Application Workshops in January and February 2023 focused on Planning Grants, Implementation Grants, Housing, Tribal Communities, and Unincorporated and Rural Communities. This page will be updated as more information is available.

Upcoming Guidelines Workshops

The Round 5 Draft Guidelines will be released in mid-November for a 30-day public comment period. Guidelines workshops will take place in November and December 2022.

The Final Guidelines, the Notice of Funding Availability, and the Round 5 Application will be released in 2023.

Previous Workshops

SGC and the TCC Technical Assistance providers hosted three TCC workshops in October and November 2023. Workshops include information on the TCC Program Framework, Application Process, Technical Assistance and advice from successful applicants.

Workshop for Tribal Communities and their Collaborative Partners

Workshop for Unincorporated Communities, Rural Communities, and their Collaborative Partners

Application Technical Assistance

All applicants to the TCC Implementation Grants are required to work with no-cost technical assistance, provided by the SGC. This technical assistance is provided to support TCC applicants in the development of their project scope, calculation of greenhouse gas emissions, and developing a complete application.

The technical assistance provider will work with each TCC Implementation Grant applicant to create a work plan for the development of their TCC application. The technical assistance provider will be able to provide supportive services, including but not limited to:

  • Review of application responses
  • Application coordination
  • Financial analysis and budget development
  • Support for project integration
  • Assessment of project readiness

All TCC Implementation Grant applicants will have greenhouse gas calculation services provided by the technical assistance provider. Applicants will be asked to submit data to the technical assistance provider to provide a comprehensive calculation of reductions. Leading up to this calculation, the technical assistance provider will work with applicants to understand the relative greenhouse gas reduction potential of projects and offer suggestions for increasing project reductions.

Implementation Technical Assistance

A limited amount of funds may be available to TCC Grantees once they enter the grant execution phase. Implementation TA activities are unique to the Grantees' needs at the start of implementation.

Program Evaluation Technical Assistance

TCC Implementation Grantees must select an Evaluation Technical Assistance provider that meets the minimum qualifications and is approved by SGC. The Evaluation Provide will evaluate the Project Area Site overall and all of the TCC funded projects for the duration of the grant term.