Our Collaborative Partnership

The Partners Advancing Climate Equity (PACE) Pilot Program is offered by the California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) – a cabinet-level State organization dedicated to healthy, thriving, resilient communities for all – in partnership with Local Government Commission (LGC), Climate Resolve (CR), Urban Permaculture Institute (UPI), The Greenlining Institute (GLI), and Movement Strategy Center (MSC). PACE is supported in part by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Environmental Justice.

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Our Values

From the program’s design to how we work together as a team, this collaborative initiative is grounded in the following core values:

Building authentic, symbiotic relationships for meaningful collaboration

Honoring, uplifting, and growing community leadership and knowledge

Shifting and restoring community power to encourage self-determination

Courage to address root causes rather than pursuing simple solutions

Transparency and collaborative governance every step of the way

Respect and care for participants’ time and capacity

Core Program Team

Kirin Kumar photo

Kirin Kumar

PACE Program Lead Program Manager, Community Assistance for Climate Equity Team, SGC

Coral Abbott photo

Coral Abbott

PACE Program Lead Program Analyst, Community Assistance for Climate Equity Team, SGC

Julia Kim photo

Julia Kim

PACE Project Manager Climate Change and Energy Program Director, LGC

Tia Tyler photo

Tia Tyler

PACE Implementing Partner Climate and Energy Project Manager, LGC

Catherine Foster photo

Catherine Foster

PACE Implementing Partner Climate and Energy Project Manager, LGC

Natalie Hernandez photo

Natalie Hernandez

PACE Implementing Partner Associate Director, Climate Planning & Resilience, CR

Bryn Lindblad photo

Bryn Lindblad

PACE Implementing Partner Deputy Director, CR

Ei Ei Samai photo

Ei Ei Samai

PACE Implementing Partner Partner/Designer, UPI

Antonio Roman-Alcalá photo

Antonio Roman-Alcalá

PACE Implementing Partner Partner/Designer, UPI

Kevin Bayuk photo

Kevin Bayuk

PACE Implementing Partner Partner/Designer, UPI

Corrine Van Hook-Turner photo

Corrine Van Hook-Turner

PACE Strategic Advisor Director of Climate Innovation, MSC

Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish photo

Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish

PACE Strategic Advisor Climate Innovation Program Manager, MSC

Emi Wang photo

Emi Wang

PACE Strategic Advisor Environmental Equity Senior Policy Manager, GLI

Get in touch with us:

The PACE program team is available to answer questions about the program, application process, and benefits for participants. We encourage you to subscribe to receive email updates to ensure you stay up-to-date on the latest program announcements and news.

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